Folder Protector

Do you have a secret file that don't want anybody to see?
While your PC used to everybody in your house
Even your own laptop often borrowed by your friends
Or your external drive use not only by you
Protect your own file is a must, to avoid your secret from others a simple program is needed
Folder Protector is the solution

Folder protector as it named, is use to protect your folders and files. It's easy to used, no need to install it, just run and go. Put the file in the folder that you want to protect, double click it, put the password and booom...all you file in that folder will be disappear, hidden. This is not a high level secure protector, but will make others won't see your file. To pop up back your files, double click it again, enter the password, and you can choose the way you wanna to unprotect your files.

If you choose virtual disk, there will be a virtual disk pop in "my computer" and if you close the windows explorer it will automatically protected again.
If you choose temporary, the files will be unprotected until you reboot your PC/laptop.
And to unprotected it permanently just choose complete option, and it will be the same again like before.

Wanna to try it? you can download it here


7 Greatest Samurai Warrior

Samurai is a elite class military officers before the era of industrialization in Japan. Samurai must be educated and polite. During the Tokugawa era, Samurai gradually lost their military function and in the end of era samurai no longger have a military function. At the end of 19th century, samurai replaced with national forces, but however, samurai spirit still exist in Japanese till today.

Miyamoto Musashi
Samurai in the Edo period. Nomad for many years just to become the greatest samurai swordsman in Japan, he finally created Nitouryu (two sword fighting techniques). He not only wrote about sword techniques but has also written about the warrior spirit in his book 'Gorinsho'. A great warrior who was never defeated in 60 battle. Has a rival 'Kojiro Sasaki' who had killed in a Ganryujima duel (Duel of Ganryu Island).

Sasaki Kojiro
Also from Edo period. He continued to practice his Swallow flying bird techniques, and used a very long sword called 'Tsubamegaeshi' . Served Hosokawa Tadaoki and died in duel with Musashi.

Hijikata Toshizo
A samurai from Tennenrishinryu. Shinsengumi vice-leader at the end of the Edo period. He was a good friend of Kondo Isami since childhood, and their friendship never change throughout their lives. In the various battles after the death of Kondo, he never gave up. When losing the battle in Hokkaido, he jumped out before the enemy caught him and pretend to die.

Souji Okita
Another samurai fromTennenrishinryu. Captain of the first unit of Shinsengumi. Although Shouji Okita is a talented swordsman, but he died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty. So not many story about him.

Kondo Isami
Samurai warrior who took part managed to succeed of Tennenrishinryu (Tennenrishin sword method). Shinsengumi captains at the end of the Edo period. He led many tough group with enthusiasm and high fidelity. Kondo Isami reject the imposition of Edo shogunate until the last moment, when he lost he also lost his head.

Hattori Hanzo
A great samurai and also a ninja, a leader of Iga Ninja. He was conducting espionage and deception that successful led Tokugawa became Shogun (Japanese emperor). Hattori Hanzo died in 1596 at age 55 with a natural death. However, there is another version of the story that a ninja Kotaro Fuma killed Hanzo in battle.

Yagyu Jubei
Swordsman in the Edo period. Serve Tokugawa Iemitsu (the third Tokugawa Shogun). He mastered Yagyushinkageryu (Yagyushinkage sword techniques) and became the best swordman from the Yagyu Clan.



Celebrate the New Look

If you notice, the URL that you type or click now has been moved to a new site called TeJeO. TeJeO (TJO) is my new home. Have a little difference than before, and big hope than the older one. Still me as the owner, but take another hands to manage it. With the new looks and vision, we believe that we can reach our new goals.

This is the begining of our new hope, our jurney is just start and we put a lot of hope here. Let's start to work...



What is 9Vector? 9Vector is a great site that provide sport cloth. You can order any kind of t-shirt that you like, or even if you have your own design you can request it. It's a new site, use Bahasa as it's main language, but you also can order it in English, very good site to know.

Get my interest because of the example cloth is exciting. Looks it has a original design, and also can order what we like. Also there is a lot of example cloth that already they made, if you get interest, just order it. I just found it and do order it, with no expensive price I can get a good quality product.

So, I highly recommend it to you, good site with low cost to get a good quality cloth. Try it, and tell me how do you think about it.


Welcome Back To Me

Hi... Long time no see, yes, I've been disappear for about 6 month.. Now, I'm back and ready to share again.. Hope have a fresh ideas to share and whorted to you.. Wondering where I'm for last 6 month?

Just get married in December 2011, and 6 month after that, my wife get pregnant. My first son/daughter (still don't know) will be born in next 3 month. So, as a good 'future' dad, is my responsibility to support my wife at all cost, include decrease my activity on internet.

But now, I've a lot of time together, and also a lot of time to manage my blog. Hope still have a touch to write something. Just find a funny picture to share..

I'm back, welcome back to me...


7 Food To Make You Sex Live Better

Food Can Bring You On

Food, consciously or not, affect your lifestyle, your health and even your sexual activity. Some foods give an effect to increase your sex drive, better than before. They improve your sex life. So, what are they? here they are...

Hot Chilies
Eat something 'hot' can increase blood circulation that can pumping and stimulates nerves so you'll feel more 'ON'.

Don't think the shape of this fruit "lol"

Yes, chocolate beside to reduce stress also can increase your sex drive because the more relax you are the more enjoy you do sex.

We all know, these shellfish are brimming with zinc, a mineral that boost the production of testosterone, that can make you have a higher sex drive.

Containt antioxidants that can stimulates blood vessels that incrase blood flow. Of course your genital sensitivity will increasing.

Salmon and Walnuts
With omega-3, salmon and walnuts keep sex-hormone production at its peak. You can eat 3-4 time a month.

This fruit contains phytonutrient citrulline, which increase the amount of nitric oxide in your body. Make blood vessels relax and speeds up circulation. As a result, you'll get more aroused in less time.