7 Greatest Samurai Warrior

Samurai is a elite class military officers before the era of industrialization in Japan. Samurai must be educated and polite. During the Tokugawa era, Samurai gradually lost their military function and in the end of era samurai no longger have a military function. At the end of 19th century, samurai replaced with national forces, but however, samurai spirit still exist in Japanese till today.

Miyamoto Musashi
Samurai in the Edo period. Nomad for many years just to become the greatest samurai swordsman in Japan, he finally created Nitouryu (two sword fighting techniques). He not only wrote about sword techniques but has also written about the warrior spirit in his book 'Gorinsho'. A great warrior who was never defeated in 60 battle. Has a rival 'Kojiro Sasaki' who had killed in a Ganryujima duel (Duel of Ganryu Island).

Sasaki Kojiro
Also from Edo period. He continued to practice his Swallow flying bird techniques, and used a very long sword called 'Tsubamegaeshi' . Served Hosokawa Tadaoki and died in duel with Musashi.

Hijikata Toshizo
A samurai from Tennenrishinryu. Shinsengumi vice-leader at the end of the Edo period. He was a good friend of Kondo Isami since childhood, and their friendship never change throughout their lives. In the various battles after the death of Kondo, he never gave up. When losing the battle in Hokkaido, he jumped out before the enemy caught him and pretend to die.

Souji Okita
Another samurai fromTennenrishinryu. Captain of the first unit of Shinsengumi. Although Shouji Okita is a talented swordsman, but he died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty. So not many story about him.

Kondo Isami
Samurai warrior who took part managed to succeed of Tennenrishinryu (Tennenrishin sword method). Shinsengumi captains at the end of the Edo period. He led many tough group with enthusiasm and high fidelity. Kondo Isami reject the imposition of Edo shogunate until the last moment, when he lost he also lost his head.

Hattori Hanzo
A great samurai and also a ninja, a leader of Iga Ninja. He was conducting espionage and deception that successful led Tokugawa became Shogun (Japanese emperor). Hattori Hanzo died in 1596 at age 55 with a natural death. However, there is another version of the story that a ninja Kotaro Fuma killed Hanzo in battle.

Yagyu Jubei
Swordsman in the Edo period. Serve Tokugawa Iemitsu (the third Tokugawa Shogun). He mastered Yagyushinkageryu (Yagyushinkage sword techniques) and became the best swordman from the Yagyu Clan.



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