Dual Account

This is my first post in English, haha.. Not wanna show to you, just trying to practicing. Stop the chit chat, and let start to share…
How many of you those have many accounts in yahoo (yahoo messenger)? Two account? Or maybe more? Hehe... I’ve more than just one. Do you wanna to open it in one PC or laptop? Impossible? No, I always log in minimum two of my yahoo messenger in one PC/Laptop. How it can?

It’s easy, all you need to do is just change the plural value in it, To do it just hit the RUN and then type REGEDIT, look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER than SOFTWARE, you will find YAHOO in there and PAGER in it, the last you will find a folder with name TEST make a dword sub folder with name PLURAL double click it and change the value from 0 to 1. Try to open yahoo messenger, 1 or 2 maybe 3 or more…

Still confuse with the step? Here the screenshots…

Think it’s not a simple way? To complicated? Wanna more easy to use it?
Coz I’m in good mood and this is the first time I use English in post so, I’ll give the short cut to do it… You can download it here >> Dual Account <<
Download it, run it and all the step done..!! can’t make more simple that this


  1. hajar terossssss.........

  2. @ MC : mo hajar sapa nich??? :p

  3. nice post, but its re post Gan... =D

  4. @ ordinary : khan dah di jelasin klo next post will be re post in English :p

  5. Bahasa Linggis Begini aku ngga ahli..

  6. wah mas gusti pake english,,untung aq mudeng,,hihi ^^ top markotop mas infonya ^^

  7. @ itik : klo bahasa linggis yang begithuan ngerti ga tik :p

    @ miss Rinda : hahaha... yg nulis aja ga ngerti hihihiii....

    @ anyin : yorwelkom :)

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    br sbgian n lumayan deh ada yg bgs ada yg sdg,,xixixi

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  9. hwwahhh cool,,
    is it really can be run?just let me try,, hehhe thx for sharing :)

  10. @ miss Rinda : skarang dah libur donks :D

    @ kristiyana : try it please.. :0