7 Smartest Anime Character

Hi anime lover, 7 of this anime character must be familiar for you. Most of them popular because have a brilliant mind, smarter among the others. Who are they, I'd love to make a list of them who had high IQ no matter bad or good they are.

Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)
A high school detective that turn in to a kid because of poisoned by black organitation. Love football to practice and keep stamina. His present was give a great hand to the police force. Many unsolved case revealed by young Shinichi. And after poisoned became a kindergarten kid, he use a name Conan Edogawa to hide from black organitation and help a local detective, Kogoro Mouri, to solve many police case.

Ryuzaki L a.k.a L Lawliet (Death Note)
Locious Lawliet is a character in death note anime that have right to control all police department in the world in order to capture Kira (a killer who can killed any one just by wrote his name on Death Note). Kira (japanese means murderer) find a note that belong to god of death, every name that he wrote in that note, will die just like what he want to.

Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
Shikamaru is a boy from Nara clan. With IQ more than 200 he is the smartest kid in Naruto generation. Even Chouji (his comrade) said that Shikamaru can beat Sasuke if he not lazy. Like to sleep than practice Ninjutsu. Good hearted and always give solution to his team mate when stuck in difficult battle condition

Bulma (Dragon Ball)
Daughter of the creator of Capsule Corp. The inventor of Dragon Radar (used to detect Dragon Ball). With Bulma invention, Dragon Ball became easy to detect. That's why she always became part of Son Goku adventure.

Hiruma Yoichi (Eyeshield 21)
Even though have a scary face like a evil, hiruma is very helpful to organize his football team. Have a bad reputation in his highschool and have almost all secret and data of Tokyo people, include the headmaster of Deimon Highschool

Akiyama Shinichi (Liar Game)
Had a degree in psychology, but use his talent to cheatting people, in order to revenge his mother death (suicide because deceived by a company). Shinichi jailed because defraud the company. And after get out from jail, he involved in a Liar Game. In the final of the game, he met the manager who responsible for his mother death and want to get revenge. With nao helps, he can forget about the revenge.

Nico Robin (One Piece)
Nico Robin is a archaeologist. An orphan since his mother, Nico Olivia, go for research when she was little. Live with his aunt and shunned by his friend because have a devil fruit power. Called "monster girl" by his friend of his age.



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